Frontline FAQs

Where do I submit a payment?

In our office:  Drop by (or call) and we can electronically sweep the payment from your debit card or your credit card.  Or, if you prefer and there's enough time, we can mail your check to Frontline.             (PLEASE NOTE:  Our office does not accept cash.)

Pay online:  Log into your Customer Portal and click the “Make a Payment” link in the “Billing Information” section. Frontline offers multiple payment methods to make paying your bills easier.  Pay by check at no charge, or use your credit card for a three percent convenience fee.

Pay by mail:  Mail your check or money order to the address below. Make sure you include the bottom portion of your invoice (if applicable) and note your policy number on your check or money order.

      Standard Mail

      First Protective Insurance Company
      PO Box 403884
      Atlanta, GA 30384-3884

      Overnight Mail

      First Protective Insurance Company
      Lockbox 403884
      6000 Feldwood Rd.
      College Park GA 30349


How do I file a claim?

For non-hurricane claims:

Frontline offers several options for filing non-hurricane claims:

  • Report the claim to us.
  • Call Frontline directly at (800) 675-0145.
  • Fax Frontline at (321) 249-1396.
  • Register with the Customer Portal, and you can submit your claim online.

For hurricane claims:

Direct your claim straight to Frontline when a hurricane hits:

  • Call Frontline directly at (866) 673-0623.
  • Fax Frontline at (321) 249-1395.