Insurance Claim Contacts

Report a Claim

To report a new insurance claim and or to get information on an existing claim, a policyholder or claimant may call any of the companies directly at the phone number listed below.

All of the partner companies listed below have 24 hour direct claim reporting services.

For the best possible service please direct report your claim to your carrier.  The company will electronically forward notification of your claim to our agency.

If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us at (813)782-5502.

If you are a claimant or have previously reported a claim, if possible, please have your policy number and claim details available for the claims adjuster.

Allstate,, Non-Hurricane Claims (800)ALLSTATE

American Capital Assurance (AmCap), Claims (866)247-5677

American Federation Insurance,, Claims (800) 527-3907

American Integrity Insurance,, Claims (866) 277-9871

American Strategic Insurance,, Claims (866) 274-5677

American Traditions Insurance,, Claims (866) 270-8430

Auto-Owners Insurance Group,, Claims (517) 323-1200
8:00am – 4:30pm  Mon-Fri; (888)Claim-AO (252-4626)  Emergency After Hours Claims

Auto-Owners Flood, Claims (877)254-6819

Avatar Insurance,, Claims (877) 233-3237

Bankers Insurance Group,, Claims (800) 765-9700

Bass Underwriters,, Claims fax (954)316-3128, or email loss notice to

Cabrillo General Insurance,, Claims (866) 482-5246

Citizens Property Insurance,, Claims (866) 411-2742

First Comp Insurance,, Claims (888) 500-3344

Florida Peninsula Insurance,, Non-Hurricane Claims (877)994-8368
                                                                                         Hurricane Claims (866)549-9672

Florida Specialty, Claims (888)723-3055, option 1

Frontline Homeowners Insurance,, Non-Hurricane Claims (866)549-9672

                                                                                         Hurricane Claims (866)673-0623

Halcyon Underwriters,, for Claims go                to

Modern USA Insurance,, Claims (866) 270-8430

Progressive Insurance,, Claims 1-800-274-4499

Safe Point Insurance,, Claims (855)252-4615

Security First Insurance,, Claims (877)581-4862

Southern Fidelity Insurance,, Claims (866)722-4995

Tapco Underwriters, Inc.,, Claims (800) 334-5579